Did you know that 45% of employees are seeking new jobs? If you are a company that is looking to hire new employees, but are debating whether to do it yourself or hire an experienced executive recruiter to help, we are here to help you make your decision. Our guide below goes over the top executive recruiters benefits.

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1. Access to a Large Pool of Qualified Candidates

One major executive recruiters advantage is that qualified candidates will look through job boards for open positions when they are ready for a career move or aren't happy with where they're at. Top executive search firms invest their time and resources into developing an extensive network of connections to qualified talent.

Having such a wide network helps them reach candidates that would normally not be aware of the job openings. In fact, there are plenty of candidates that are considered passive because they already have a high ranking position in a company but are open to switching companies with the right offer. Executive recruiters have access to these passive candidates that have left their resume with them in case anything better were to come along.

2. Inclusion and Diversity

Another advantage is that if you are committed to inclusion and diversity within your team, an executive recruiter can help you find a candidate from a diverse pool of people. Long gone are the days when you have to hire only from your local area where you don't have much diversity.

3. Comprehensive Process

The best executive recruiters will first take the time to establish a deep understanding of the requirements your company has. They will do thorough research on the objectives, culture, and job requirements before they start the actual interviewing process.

Some executive recruiters will even interview key stakeholders within the company, and the top executives. This allows them to understand what they need to look for in potential candidates. All of this information is used to outline the exact personality traits and skills needed from candidates that are being interviewed.

4. Negotiation Assistance

Many jobseekers negotiate their salary when they receive an offer and sometimes potential employers don't know how to accurately navigate negotiations which can lead to losing a qualified candidate. An executive recruiter will help with streamlining the negotiation process.

These recruiters are a middle person or go-between the company and the candidates. This middle person will help your company get great value for your money and will also ensure that the jobseeker is offered fair compensation for their tasks and duties based on their skill level.

5. Background Checks

The best executive recruiting firms will also perform a thorough background check on potential candidates. This will eliminate you having to do it or worrying that you are hiring someone that is shady. The firm will also verify all the information that is on the candidate's resume to make sure that it is accurate and doesn't contain any inaccuracies or white lies.

The background check will also verify that any degrees mentioned on the resume are in fact true along with past work experience. This is an added bonus because believe it or not, plenty of people lie on their resumes in hopes of scoring their dream job or their dream pay.

Having background checks done ahead of the interview will also prevent you from hiring someone that comes with liability issues in the future. For example, if you hire someone to drive vehicles for you, but they have previously had multiple driving under the influence convictions, then you can find yourself in legal troubles in the future.

6. Keep Your Brand Image Intact

When you have a position within your company that remains vacant for a long time and pops up on search results for potential candidates for months, it might paint a negative picture of your company. Those potential candidates might think that your place of employment is not a great place to work and that's why the position has been vacant for so long, even if that's not true.

When you are hiring, you want to have a positive brand image so that you don't miss out on hiring the top candidates for the job. Companies can't afford a long hiring process because we live in the world of digital social media. A long hiring process without the help of an executive recruiter will frustrate potential candidates that have applied.

They might even leave a negative comment on a job review site because of their frustration. Experienced recruiters won't drag out your hiring process, they will quickly get the best candidates in front of you so that you can make a quick decision and fill the job sooner rather than later.

7. Fill Technical Roles

Sometimes if your company requires a position that has very specific technical requirements, you might have a difficult time filling it because of the limited qualified candidates. An executive recruiter will know right from the start which of their candidates has those technical skills your company requires.

This means that you won't have to waste hours on end sorting through qualified and nonqualified candidates.

Ready to Hire an Experienced Executive Recruiter?

Now that you have learned the top benefits of hiring an executive recruiter, you can make an informed decision whether you want to speak with executive recruitment agencies.

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